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Business Items

Main Business Items:
1. Pressure pipeline: The company, with qualifications for installation of GB1, GB2 and GC2-level pressure pipes, is capable of undertaking the installation and heat insulation projects of industrial pipes, thermal pipes, gas pipes, etc., including hot water pipes, steam pipes, petroleum pipes, oxygen pipes, mixed gas pipes, compressed air pipes, welding gas pipes, PE pipes, gas bus pipes, etc. In the aspect of pressure pipeline installation, the company boasts its rich experience, advanced technology and reliable product quality, and many projects have been awarded “Good-quality Projects”. At present, the company has many senior welding workers, argon arc welding workers and PE welding workers, and can provide better service for your projects.
2. Steel structure engineering: The company undertakes various projects of large-, medium- and small-size steel structure plants, workshops, food processing rooms, purification rooms and exhibition halls, steel structure single layer, multi-player, ceiling, partition wall, etc. Simultaneously, it also provides some supported products such as steel structure waterproof and steel structure anti-corrosive projects, which better improve the service item system of the steel structure engineering. Due to its rich construction experience, the company can provide timely, efficient and perfect service for customers, winning good comments from customers.
3. Refrigeration engineering: The company has been engaged in construction and installation of projects of refrigeration warehouses, air-conditioned warehouses, cold air warehouses, medical oxygen warehouses, etc., and production, sale and installation of refrigerating equipment, FD freeze-dry equipment, process cooling complete set equipment and drying system facilities. In addition, the company can also design and install central air conditioners and manufacture auxiliary facilities such as refrigeration warehouse doors (electric and manual) and heat insulation doors.
4. Sand-blasting rust-removing service: With advanced sand-blasting equipment, it provides special and excellent sand-blasting rust-removing service as well as support service such as painting and anti-corrosive treatment for customers.
5. Aluminum honeycomb plate and aluminum honeycomb core product: As one of the best high-tech products in China, the aluminum honeycomb plate is widely applied to fields of construction, engineering and daily life. The company is one of the biggest enterprises producing and selling honeycomb plates, and can provide honeycomb plates of various specifications. There are more pictures and detailed description in the “product” column.
6. Other items: The company is capable of undertaking the items of sheet-metal working, sand-blasting manufacturing (including sand conveying pipe, sand collecting hopper, dust collecting pipe, dust discharging air pipe, rotary air separator, material bin, three-way pipe, elbow, muffler, flange, etc.), manufacturing and processing of ship body auxiliary facilities (pedal, deck, cabin door, etc.), a separate type dustbin body and garbage truck hopper, civil work, etc.