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Beihai Profile

YanTai BeiHai Complete Equipment Co.,Ltd is located in Wolong Economic Development Zone, Yantai City, Shandong Province, at the junction of Airport Road and the roads connecting five districts, and adjacent to Yantai Airport and Around-city Highway. Since its establishment in 1984, the company has been engaged in construction of complete refrigeration engineering and steel structure engineering as well as development and production of related supported products. For years, the company, under the service tenet of “Quality is the Life of the Enterprise, the Enterprise can Survive Only by Providing Top-quality Products for Customers”, has provided top-quality products for customers, winning wide recognition from customers. In the field of complete set engineering, the company passed the certifications of national related departments earlier and got related qualification certificates. It has become a handful of enterprises in this field capable of undertaking the complete set engineering projects and producing supported products of projects. In recent years, the company has strengthened the development of new products and developed new-generation complete set engineering products such as warehouse body devices of new refrigerated warehouses, frequency change devices of screw refrigerators, economical type FD complete-set devices, self-locking type warehouse doors of air conditioned refrigeration warehouses, etc. by accumulating experience in practice and combining the actual conditions of customers. In the spirit of “Pioneering and Innovative”, the company will make continuous development. It will sincerely serve its customers with full enthusiasm!
For years, the company has been devoted to research and popularization of honeycomb structure materials, and is a high-tech enterprise specialized in production of aluminum honeycomb and honeycomb composite materials and rock wool fireproof plates. The company has introduced aluminum honeycomb complete set production lines. With solid technical power, it has set up a R&D center, and is capable of independently developing various honeycomb products. In recent years, honeycomb products are widely applied to fields of building materials, machinery, war industry, electric appliances, lamps, furniture, sports equipment, environmental protection, trains, vehicle manufacturing, ship building, etc. Moreover, because the aluminum honeycomb plates have the characteristics of light weight, good rigidity, high strength, difficult deformation, sound insulation, shock resistance, moisture resistance, fire resistance, easy installation and maintenance, etc., the aluminum honeycomb plates are widely applied to interior and exterior decoration of modern buildings and interior decoration of trains, vehicles, ships, etc. Products exported to Japan \ Europe \ United States \ South Korea more than 10 countries.
Under the tenet of “Promising-keeping, Contract-honoring, Quality-first, Customer-supreme”, the company sells its products in Japan, Europe, America, etc. The company makes all efforts to provide good-quality products such as honeycomb cores, common aluminum honeycomb plates, aluminum honeycomb series composite plates, rock wool fireproof plates, etc. and service from decoration design to engineering construction for customers at home and abroad.
Product Application:
1. Building material: Curtain wall plate, interior decoration plate, spacer plate, ceiling plate, roof board and soundproof plate;
2. Electric appliance: Cold catalyst net of air conditioner, crystal lattice net of electric heater, planar sound box board, shield net, air purification net, air ventilation net of central air conditioner and water purification net;
3. Machinery: Textile machinery (air-cooling flow-guided net), screen printing panel and laser cutter panel;
4. Furniture: Furniture face plate, interior decoration door, fireproof door, etc.;
5. Sports equipment: Hockey rack, scooter and sports shoes.